I am reviewing the shoes themselves...alas didn't purchase at one of his flagship stores. Nike Air Max Thank god I'm not rich and thank god I don't have a girlfriend. I am slowly supporting mr. louboutin's posh retirement on a beautiful tropical island. discount oakley sunglasses A pair of Louboutins on my feet and I instantly feel more sexy, attractive, and TALL. 6 inch heels are no joke. I am very lucky that i have a wonderful boyfriend who really appreciates them and enjoys buying them for me. cheap oakley sunglasses At $801 for my pair of Clics, they're pricey, but when you're strutting down the streets of Manhattan in these red-soled beauties, you'll feel like a million bucks. I asked my friend who is a big fan of Louboutin shoes to come with me to buy my first pair. The West Village one is a lot smaller than the West Hollywood store...but much more comfortable and very boutique like. Michael recognized my friend from a prior LA event and helped both of us. He was helpful in choosing a pair and getting me out of my conservative comfort zone. They didn't have the size in the style that I've been looking for, so I went bold and got the python gold heels. The staff were all really nice and seemed to know most of the people coming through. I don't usually shop at a place where you have to be buzzed to get in....but this was a nice change since everyone was really helpful. No pressure to buy anything like some stores and even provided additional recommendations of shoes that would look good according to what I liked. I would definitely come back and ask for Michael! oakley sunglasses outlet Boyfriends, beware. I began my foray into designer shoes as a sweet, naive virgin - nervously fingering the supple leather straps, stiff hardware and velvety leather soles. Now I'm a complete slut. I know what I want and I want it now. Don't ask questions - let lust be your guide. wholesale oakley sunglasses Holy God this was one of the most painful purchases I have ever made in my life, despite the fact that it gave me great pleasure to hand my Discover Card over to the sweet salesgirl who talked me into two pairs of shoes. I bought myself a pair of Louboutins for my 30th Birthday and they cost almost as much as my rent. red bottom shoes I had been lusting for a pair for ages (well, ages for my tender 26 years), and knew that the big day was coming up when I made my trip out to NYC. It took me almost a week to psych myself up to go to the store and start trying shoes on. I bought these for my 13 year old daughter , who loves these. christian louboutin outlet Getting into the store after ringing the bell (natch) was like a breath of fresh air, more due to the air conditioning. The store, while small, is nicely laid out with lots of places to try shoes on. When you walk in, what I would describe as their "core" shoes are displayed in shadow boxes on the right, and more seasonal picks are in the window on the left. I did not venture into the Madison Avenue store (THAT'S just downright intimidating), but I heard that this branch also carries a more "hip" variety of shoes. The best part about the design of this store is that they have this gorgeous blown glass cherry blossom structure over part of their store (Done by a Tom Ford, not of the Gucci Empire). I kept looking at it while i was trying shoes on. I bought these pumps as a Valentine's Day present for my wife. The shoes came on time, as promised, and were perfect. Thanks to the note that suggested buying half a size bigger, I bought half a size bigger than my wife's normal shoes and they fit perfectly. Christian Louboutin Canada The best part (or maybe the worst) was that they were still in summer sale when I came in, AND they had the shoes I had tried on at Barney's in MY SIZE. On SALE. How does a girl say no? I bought these shoes in my exact size and they fit. The interior leather lining is comfortable, and the heel height is just high enough to make the legs look long and slender and yet not high enough to be uncomfortable standing or walking for long periods of time. Excellent! Christian Louboutin Shoes I also pretty much knew the other pair I was going to buy, and lucky me - they also had them in my size. It was also spurned on by the fact that they were sold out of almost every other size, and had some crazy wait list for them. They are practical in a sexy way. Ugh, just gorgeous. I'm the envy of the majority of girls that I know. I came here knowing what style shoe I wanted. The shoes I wanted weren't the typical "My first Louboutin" pair. I went sexy and... expensive. The shoes I wanted were hot as sh**!!! The price, I really cant justify it because they are just shoes but I wanted a nice birthday present. Christian Louboutin Pas Cher The sales staff here is helpful and nice. They don't sweat you if you aren't going to buy shoes, and will still let you try stuff on. And they totally got why I wanted a pair of try on nylons when I came in, since I was all hot and sweaty from walking around the West Village, in 93 degree weather no less. Even though I wasn't dressed like I had money (jeans, tshirt, onitsukas), they treated me as such. They were also helpful with my inquiry for a friend who has a busted pair, and needs them to get fixed. I DID deduct one star because, with quality stores such as this- it is good to get even more personable with the salesman. To the point where he can call you when deals come in, etc. We didn't get that cozy. Chaussures Louboutin If you have the cash, go here. If you don't have the cash, go here anyways, they will treat you right. The shoes are over-the-top expensive, and I don't know if the service quite matches the price point (it would have been nice to even have a water while in the store), but still, they were sweet and polite while I was in there. I didn't realize these have stretchy sides but they helped my fit ..I usually wear a 8.5 but for some reason I bought a nine and they fit perfectly.. love these shoes... Christian Louboutin UK Why are there people standing at the door making it hard to walk in and what is with the heater being set on 91? I do hope it is true that management has changed...there is no need to make a customer feel uncomfortable at CL, it should be an enjoyable experience! Cheap Wedding Shoes Guys, you have the easiest product in the world. Tend to your clients. I do wish it comes with two dust bag instead of one. Scarpe Christian Louboutin Just because someone walks aimlessly around your shop, does not mean they are only browsing. I don't know why there are so many negative reviews for this store. Having been in a foul mood after spending a half hour in rush hour traffic I arrived 15 minutes before closing and the security guard was pleasant and let me in right away. I went straight to the register and asked for what I needed. Unfortunately the style I was looking for was sold out in the color/size I wanted. However, the sales associates Nicole and Jose were more than happy to let me to try on several different styles and sizes of the shoe to determine my actual size. They were nothing short of sweet, accomodating and extremely helpful. Nicole graciously took down my contact information to call me if any style arrived in my size. She even contacted me the next day to make sure. La nostra Scarpe Christian Louboutin That being said, you were sort of busy with 10 other customers. i dunno why...but, i love all his collections... Christian Louboutin Schuhe It was however clean, well maintained and what I did observe of the staff they were very professional and knew their product. I feel like a cross between Patrick Bateman and Wayne Campbell whenever I see one of your saucy shoe displays. I can't help but creepily say to myself, "Oh, yes, they will be mine. Oh, yes." Christian Louboutin Outlet Most of which were wearing the brand as well. This is a good thing for a store like this, but lets not get too Gaptastic. I finally decided to splurge on those hot red bottomed shoes and it was totally worth it!! The experience was awesome, the girls extremely helpful with size selection and patient as I walked around in different sizes and different shoes!! I got the rolando in nude because I can wear them with anything!!! Thanks to everyone who made this trip extra enjoyable! Louis vuitton outlet So today I purchased my first 3 pairs of Louboutins, [the N prive & the Lady Peep]. They are both fabulous pairs of shoes! I find the very prive's to be the most comfortable, sexiest shoes around!! louis vuitton bag Let's begin with my experience in the store. I got the nude 1/2 size bigger than usual and it fits perfectly. The nude shade is exactly what I've been looking for. It compliments my Asian skin and would also look great with black opaque tights. The height is perfectly high, but not so high that I feel I need crutches. Love them!!! louis vuitton handbags You need to ring a bell to be let in, and a gentleman with glasses was very friendly & said hello from all the way across the store, with a friendly smile. As soon as you walk in you are surrounded by the fabulous pairs of shoes!! [The farther back into the store you go, the pricier the shoes become; boots, sequined shoes, special edition etc]

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